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Energy-Efficient Insulation

Good insulation can dramatically reduce your utility bills. AMI Builders in The Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia, offers a range of energy-saving insulation options. Many homeowners have experienced savings of more than 40% after insulating their walls and attics. We also install windows and doors to make sure your home is completely insulated. If your electric bills are higher than you would like, contact us to schedule a free, in-home energy analysis, $250 value.

Attic Insulation

BluePoint Solar Shield

BluePoint Solar Shield is a two-layer radiant barrier insulation made from 100% recycled cotton. This product is designed to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also provides noise insulation, making it perfect for anyone with a loud air conditioning or heating system. Contact us today to save $250 with a free energy analysis to find out if this insulation is the right choice for your home.

Insulate Your Attic

Stop wasting energy! By insulating your attic, you could save a fortune on heating and air conditioning costs. We seal attics to stop air from penetrating into your home and insulate the space to increase its energy efficiency.

Blown-In Insulation

Blown insulation is the fastest and more affordable way to insulate an attic. Our recylced fiberglass is the industry's best. This type of insulation has an R-value similar to that of fiberglass blankets, but with the added ability to completely fill attic spaces. Our team is experienced with both recycled fiberglass and cellulose blown-in insulation, and we use advanced blowing equipment to ensure thorough coverage and minimize the mess. Before we begin, we ensure your attic is sealed from the rooms below so that no insulation gets into your living space.

Blown insulation is an exceptional option for any homeowner looking for immediate energy savings. It is easily retrofitted to existing attic insulation that may be outdated and ineffective. It also has many advantages over more traditional forms of insulation, such as:

• It is easily installed with proper equipment and training.
• It retains R-value throughout its life.
• It is moisture resistant.
• It provides complete coverage.
• It can fit into hard-to-reach walls and attic corners.

Foam Insulation

Wall Insulation

After attics, walls are the biggest culprit in homes with poor energy efficiency, and wall insulation is an important component of any comprehensive home insulation plan. Heat is transferred between many surfaces in your home, including the attic floors, exterior and interior walls, basement walls and ceilings, floors above crawl spaces, plus more. We offer a wide variety of options for insulating walls, our wall insulation is a special foam insulation that adds an R-4.3 per inch. In a 2x4 wall that adds an excess of an R-16. In addition it provides sound deadening qualities.

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