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Replacement Windows & Doors

Not all windows are created equal. We install replacement doors and windows that are designed to improve the security and boost the energy efficiency of your home. Contact AMI Builders in The Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia, to learn more.

Attractive & Eco-Friendly

Our beautiful windows give your home a fresh, new look, but there's more to them than a pretty appearance. New windows can increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, leading to lower utility bills, when properly installed. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free and never need repainting, which saves you even more money. Their color is solid throughout and, unlike wooden windows, they never crack, peel, or warp.

Great Selection

Choose the best windows for your property. We install a great selection of vinyl replacement windows from top manufacturers. With more than 25 years of national experience, our window installation team always ensures that your new windows function perfectly and look fantastic. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art products, such as double-paned windows and low-E glass options. Our selection includes:

• Single- & Double-Hung Windows
• Sliding Windows
• Casement Windows
• Awning Windows
• Bay Windows
• Picture Windows
• Garden Windows
Variety of Windows

Durable Doors

Durable Doors

The doors in and around your home see a lot of traffic and the elements take their toll, so it is important to install tough, durable doors that will stand the test of time. We offer wood, glass, and fiberglass doors that are designed to stand up to wear and tear.

Any Style

A perfect door should match your siding, trim, and the overall aesthetics of your property. We offer a huge selection of styles to suit any home, including:

• Front Doors
• Double Doors
• Sliding Doors
• Patio Doors
• Atrium Doors
• French Doors
• Screen Doors

A Grand Entrance

A great-looking door makes your home safer and more welcoming to visitors. We offer beautiful, American-made doors that lower your heating and air bills. Your doors play an important role in insulating your home, working in conjunction with your windows and insulation.

Government Tax Credits

Earn government tax credits by making your home more energy efficient. The government offers a variety of incentives for upgrading your home. Contact for a free home analysis and discover more ways to save money.